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    We work for insured “YOU”, not the insurer “insurance company”.  Licensed to negotiate on your behalf, we negotiate with the insurance company and you negotiate with the contractors.

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    Are you ready for a disaster? Read Below

    Do you know what to expect in a loss?

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    Just Had a Loss? Read Below!

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    Public Insurance Adjuster Referral Program. Refer us for any insurance claim!  We can help neighors, friends, family.  Recover Supplmentals. Houston-Pasadena

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    Our Process … Look Above!

    Public Insurance Adjuster Process, Appraisal & Umpire Process, Alternative Dispute Resolution Process, Other …

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    Business Interrupted by a Loss? Read Here!!

    See how more than one way we can assist you during a loss.

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    File Your Claim Online: Look Above!

    L.A. Public Insurance Adjuster has created a system to assist you in interpreting your insurance coverage, inspect your loss, collecting the proper documentation, provide detailed Professional estimates with photos, completing forms required by the insurance company, filing your claim…

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    Insurer may offer $400-4,000 on a piple leak (attic, kitchen, bathroom, etc.), and also it is not uncommon for a Public Insurance Adjuster to settle at 15-30k+ or insurers may offer $15-35,000 on Fire claim and a Public Insurance Adjuster negociate…

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    Top Questions to ask the Professional Trade

    Here are a few top questions to ask the professional trade that will conduct work for you.  You can also do a little research yourself on these companies before you sign any contracts or agreements with them. 1.  How long has your business been established with the State, and do you have an insurance certificate or proof […]


  The first word starts with TRUST.  Here at L.A. Public Insurance Adjusters we build our relationship with trust and have united with others that are like kind.  The Better Business Bureau is one of a kind when it comes to united clients with a reputable company.  Feel free to explore our website as it’s still […]


About Us

L.A. Public Insurance Adjusters offers a free consultation. About us? During the consultation we will review your insurance policy, inspect the loss site, analyze the damages, and provide the Policyholder (Insured) a FREE preliminary estimate. Once you have retained our services we will assist you in collecting the proper documentation, interpreting your policy coverage & endorsement, completing […]


Ask an Insurance Specialist

Are you ready for a disaster? 

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Do you know what to expect in a loss? 

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Just Had a Loss?  Here’s What to Do: 

Board up

What to do if you just had a loss (Fire, Wind, Flood, etc)

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