Appraisal and Umpire Process

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The appraisal process is another alternative way to seek additional funds during negotiation.  Many times, we have settled a fair settlement during the appraisal process without legal representatives assistance.

One of the biggest mistakes is not knowing who to choose as your appraiser and umpire.  If you was to examine Texas Department of Insurance Roster list, majority on the list are Insurance Adjusters (IA), how fair is it if you was to choose someone who works or has worked for your insurer (insurance company), who keeps them busy with work.

L.A Public Insurance Adjusters has several impartial appraisers and umpires to choose at a reasonable price.


Under the “Conditions” a section in your policy, the appraisal time frame and interpretation may vary. (Example: Texas Windstorm, etc.) 

“If the insured and insurer disagree on the amount of loss on the claim, either party may demand an impartial appraisal…”

Only Public Insurance Adjusters and other legal representatives may re-open an insurance claim within 2 years and handle the insurance claims process in the interest of the policyholder (insured); and separate each coverage to maximize what your are entitled too.

Hiring L.A. Public Insurance Adjusters can increase the outcome of your settlement as we are experts in construction and can be more affordable comparing to hiring a legal representative.  Another great reason to hire L.A. Public Insurance Adjusters is the reduction of all the lengthy legal process.  When working with L.A. Public Insurance Adjusters we may be able to expedite scheduling, processes and more.

It is recommended to have L.A. Public Insurance Adjusters or a legal representative on your side during the Appraisal & Umpire process.   Many times Appraisers play the role of the Insurance Adjusters and forget how the wording in the policy states.  

**WAIT!  Leave it up to the experts!  By demanding the insurance company to provide an Appraiser is not the proper way to handle a claim and could jeopardize your outcome.  And by having an unlicensed individual or entity trying to explain and negotiate the claims process is just as unwise.  L.A. Public Insurance Adjusters has experience on assisting with a proper Appraisal process!

“I demanded that the INSURANCE COMPANY provide us with an Appraiser!”



If the Appraisers do not agree on a certain amount of the estimate, the Appraisers will separate the disagreeing amount of the loss and choose an umpire who will determine the final settlement.  If both Appraisers cannot agree with an Umpire, either party may request for a judge to appoint an Umpire or the commissioner may elect an Appraisal Umpire from a roster of qualified Umpires maintained by the department.


“Our services are provided on a contingency basis, no worries about upfront fees  we are paid at settlement.”


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