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When the insurance company sends someone to represent them, one QUESTION, WHO’S REPRESENTING YOU?

One of the sad thing about unfair practices with insurance companies is the pay-scale with their insurance adjusters (IA) passing the 5% mark, example when insurance adjuster (IA) write a claim for $10,000 (quick roof), the IA could earn $1,000 (10%), if the IA writes a $50,000 claim the IA will make $2,400, would it be worth the IA to quickly write (5) x $10,000 claims and earn $5,000 instead of $2,400?

L.A. Public Insurance Adjusters team consist of International Code Council – Residential Building Inspector, Residential Roof Inspector, Graduate Master Builders, etc for starters and has increased settlements for policyholders with a variety of strategies on handling your claim, even if your claim has been denied within the last 2 years.  

For starters,  once we filing a Notice of Claim this will give us two weeks (15 calendar days) to prepare your claim.

 During that time we will: 

  •  Evaluate the damages
  •  Determine the loss
  •  Prepare your estimate
  •  Collect supporting documents
  •  Review business interruption losses
  •  File your claim
  •  Licensed to negotiate a fair settlement on the behalf of the policyholder

We negotiate with insurance companies & policyholder negotiates with contractors.

Once we provide all documents required by the insurance company, they have three weeks (15 business days) to Accept or Reject of Claim.  There are some exceptions, but unless stated otherwise, 15 business days is a standard time-frame in the industry.  After the 15th business day, the insurer has 5 days to pay on the claim. 

In some cases the insurance company has sent checks during the claim process.  In many cases we conduct a full inspection with the insurance adjuster and then negotiate with your claims examiner or third party forensics auditing services.  We are averaging around 30-45 days for a fair settlement. 

In the event that the insured would like to proceed to recover any additional funds, we have several options and strategies during the Appraisal & Umpire process. 

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“Our services are provided on a contingency basis, no worries about upfront fees  we are paid at settlement.”


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